North Sea yacht chartering

The North Sea, located in Europe`s north-west, is a marginal sea of the Atlantic Ocean and shows in average 94 metres of depth over various low waters. By its distinctive tide,diverifying structure and areas full of algae, the North Sea features an exciting animalistic underwater world.The North Sea is limited by the north and central European continent, consisting of the countries Germany, The Netherlands,Belgium,France,Danmark and Norway as well as the isles of Great Britain. In the south-west the North Se is connected to The Channel by Strait of Dover.Skaggerrak and Kattegat form the passage to the Baltic Sea in the east.

To the north the North Sea opens to the Norwegian Sea. Many German rivers flow directly into the North Sea und thus form important waterways. Among which are Rhine, Elbe, Weser and Ems. Together with the adjoining Channel, the North Sea is the most frequented region for shipping. However, the North Sea is not easy to sail on. Strong tides transform the North Sea to a relative unruly sea and huge water regions near the coast already require some experience. Nevertheless or in spite of, a yacht chartering holiday on the North Sea is an extremely thrilling experience and the quite rough climate transforms a chartering holiday into a real experience, set apart from typical mainstream.
Individualists will find here ample offers. If you are not sure about sailing on the North Sea on your own, besides a well-rehearsed crew you may lean on an experienced skipper, who feels at home in the respective water area. Due to the short journey and the possibility to live to see many a thing during the cruise, a yacht chartering holiday is suitable for a shorter holiday. Thus you have the possibility to extensively explore a diversified area with numerous coastal regions, without having to search far afield.

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