Mallorca yacht chartering

Holiday destination Mallorca, belonging to Spain`s Balearic Islands, widely is known to German holiday makers as party capital. A typical holiday on Mallorca constists of roasting on the beach at S`Arenal while drinking sangria out of buckets and finally exploring the nightlife in clubs and pubs. However, the island has to offer so much more in respect to culture, landscape and architecture. Especially interesting will be a holiday on Mallorca if not only the island itself but the sea is being explored.

Mallorca offers a multitude of possibilities since the island has various marinas, which allure with attractive charter offers. Already with a cruise of one week`s duration you may spend a lovely time around this Balearic island.A cruise along its east coast, a cruise around the island itself or a cruise to the other Balearic islands, Minorca,Formentera or Ibiza, is full of attractions. Whether scheduled for long or being planned last minute does not play such a big part, since Mallorca is as prepared for yacht charter tourism as for any other holiday offer.In doing so, the Balearic Islands are ideal for sailing and are suitable for cruising nearly during the whole year, since the region benefits from the the anti-cyclone over the Azores.In the summer it will become quite hot, in which case no chance to swim should be missed.Beautiful bays, especially those located on the east coast are inviting.If you want to charter a sailing yacht, you may wish to familiarize yourself with the winds prevailing over the Balearic Islands.
Around Mallorca you may encounter the mistral. Crossing over from Mallorca to Minorca, you will partially experience the local wind, called Tramontana. Nevertheless the Balearic Islands are a suitable sailing area even for a beginner, so the plan to experience a yacht charter holiday may materialize. In case of doubt, there is always the possiobility to take an experienced skipper on board who with good advise will provide enough safety to put to sea by yourself next time.