Baltic Sea yacht chartering

The European inland sea, the Baltic Sea, is deemed to be Earth `s largest brackish water sea. The Baltic Sea derives her name from its location: She is located between the Scandinavian peninsula and Europe`s north, north-east and mainland. Baltic Sea`s southernmost point is located at the south end of Stettiner Haff near Stettin, northernmost point at the border between Sweden and Finland at Gulf of Bothnia. The easternmost point is near St. Petersburg, while Flensburg Fjord near Flensburg represent her westernmost point. By the Danish Strait, the Baltic Sea is connected to Kattegat and to the North Sea.

Germany, Danmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Sweden are adjacent states to the Baltic Sea. Due to the short journey from Germany this allows for a spontaneous yacht chartering cruise on the Baltic Sea, or a cruise which is feasible for the duration of some days only. As the Baltic Sea is rather limited, hardly influenced by tide und only contains little salt, she is a quite calm sea without an own climate. It may happen in winter that large areas of the sea freeze over. Therefore a cruise on the Baltic Sea is more suitable in the summer. Sailings fan are not only being attracted by the sea, sailing sport events, such as Kiel week, which is the biggest sailing sport event worldwide and give the Baltic Sea her own character. Especially when it comes to chartering a sailing yacht, a cruise on the Baltic Sea is ideal. If possible with the highlight of Kiel week.

To the more interesting islands of the Baltic Sea, to which a yacht charter holiday is worthwhile are the German islands Usedom, Rügen, Hiddensee and Fehmarn, Swedisch island Gotland or numerous Danish islands, like Zeeland, Lolland or Bornholm. If you want to undertake a yacht chartering holiday, you may look at offers from German ports. From April to October available yachts may be chartered at ports such as in Flensburg, Rostock, Greifswald or Heiligenhafen.